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But there are also times after a marriage/divorce when a certificate investigation might be helpful. If you have permanent residence abroad, you cannot change your name through a certificate investigation. A certificate investigation is a legal document that proves a name change. You can change any part of your name, add or remove names and hyphens, or change spelling. Now that you know what a certificate survey is and when you need it, let`s learn the simple application process. We`ll send you a complete list of organizations to which you need to send a certificate survey. With our confidential service, you can legally and officially change your name. You can change your first names, last names (or both), add names, delete names, change the spelling of your names, or rearrange your existing names. Ordering a certificate survey is a quick and easy way to legally change your name. Deed Poll Office is a trusted law firm of paralegals specialising in name change law in the UK.

The term act is common for signed written agreements that have been shown to all parties involved. Poll is an old legal term for official documents whose edges were cut (or « questioned ») so that they were straight. You do not need a certificate investigation if there is another official document that serves as proof of your new name. In these cases, you must order a survey certificate. A charter survey can also be used (in England and Wales) to get Church of England clergy to abandon their holy orders. We have issued thousands of certificate surveys and guarantee that our certificate surveys will be accepted by all public and private institutions as proof of your new name. Otherwise, you get your money back, 100% guaranteed! Finally, you will need a witness to sign your investigation certificate. Strictly speaking, a Deed Poll is not a legal contract because it only binds one person and not two or more parties.

The second way it differs from a legal contract is that it expresses an intention rather than a promise. We are experts in all matters relating to desk surveys and name changes. Sureties, powers of attorney and wills are also good examples of surveys of deeds because they are made solely by the settlor. [ref. Our application form is very clear and simple and will help you fill in all the correct information we need to process your application. We will then prepare the correct documents you need to legally change your name. The first option is to hire a lawyer and ask them to advertise on your behalf. You will have to pay for the lawyer`s time as well as all fees for surveying the deed. And a lawyer`s time doesn`t come cheap.

Then you have to sit down with your witness and conduct the investigation of the documents. There are some restrictions on the names you can choose. Here are some things to keep in mind when choosing a new name via a certificate survey. In Australia, the change of name was previously made by notarial deed before 1 November 2000,[5] but it is now done by completing a change of name form. As long as you order your certificate survey before 3pm on a business day (Monday to Friday), we will send you the certificate investigation document and any certified copies within two business days by first class mail. However, you will need a certificate investigation (or other official document) to update your passport, driver`s license, bank accounts, and other official documents to your new name. In general, you will need a certificate investigation in almost all cases if you want to change your name, unless it is after a marriage or divorce. Well, if you want to divorce and go back to your maiden name, you may not need a certificate investigation either, assuming the following is true.

Some organizations do not change your name without a certificate survey. Instead, a specialist agency or lawyer may conduct the investigation of the acts for you – they may charge a fee. « Registering » a certificate survey means that you are making your new name public. Now that you know how to apply for a certificate investigation, there are some limitations to keep in mind when it comes to changing your name. Our website contains detailed information about the legal change of your name. If you have any questions or would like a more personalized consultation, you can contact our support department, and a certificate surveying consultant will be happy to assist you. If you are over 16 but not yet 18, your legal guardians may overturn your decision to change your name in special circumstances (not just because they don`t like your name). The most common use is a name change through a rename certificate (often referred to simply as a certificate survey). Deeds polls are used for this purpose in countries such as the United Kingdom[1], Australia[2], Ireland[3], Hong Kong and Singapore.

In the UK, a certificate inquiry can also be used to change a child`s name, provided that all persons with parental responsibility over the child agree and the child does not object. [4] The child`s parents conduct the desk investigation on behalf of the child. In other jurisdictions, a person may simply start using a new name without formal legal proceedings. The usual requirements are that the new name can only be used and that the change must not be made with the intent to defraud. Under English law, a person must inform each creditor of a change of name by means of a deed. Depending on the reason and circumstances of your name change, you may need a certificate investigation. A certificate investigation is a legal document that links a person to a particular course of action. The most common use of a certificate survey is to change a name. As a result, today it is the widely accepted term for the legal document that allows you to officially change your name. There are 2 ways to get a certificate survey. You can either: If you want to change your or your child`s official name, you can join the hundreds of thousands of people who have used the Deed Poll process over the past 150 years. « Signed as a document on [date] as [old name] and [new name] in the presence of [name of witness 1] of [address of witness 1] and [name of witness 2] of [address of witness 2].

Changing your name in the UK is a legal matter – so there is no « official » issuer of certificate investigations. There is not a single official charter voting service in the UK. Instead, there are services like ours that issue certificate surveys for those who want to officially change their name. In addition to the cost of the certificate survey, there may be additional costs to change your name. In the past, a document was written on a piece of paper and then torn unevenly in the middle. Consequently, each person concerned had a certificate with the corresponding tears and thus prevented falsification. There is no set number of copies that is recommended. Note, however, that a certified copy of your certificate survey may be required for each record that you update. For most people, an additional dozen certified copies of their certificate survey is sufficient. However, at the UK Deed Poll Office, we have published thousands of certificate surveys and are proud to offer one of the most trusted certificate survey services in the country. After marriage, you don`t need a certificate survey to change your name if: You could go through the complicated procedure to replace or translate your marriage certificate. Or you could get a certificate survey, which would be much easier and cheaper.

Ask the organization you are dealing with (e.g. Your bank), what type of certificate investigation it will accept as proof of your new name. You don`t need a certificate survey to take your spouse`s or partner`s last name. Send a copy of your marriage or civil partnership certificate to registry holders, such as social welfare offices. Your documents will be updated free of charge.