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VALS sought to better understand the impact of its legal aid model on Victoria`s clients, community and justice system. To do this, they wanted to develop a more holistic approach to measuring and reporting results both at the company level and for specific departments. The Victorian Aboriginal Legal Service (VALS) provides a holistic service to meet the complex and multi-dimensional needs of its clients. They provide criminal, civil and family law services combined with community justice support programs, while engaging in policy and advocacy initiatives to address broader issues. « The framework developed by SVA Consulting will help us track the results of our strategic activities to ensure they achieve their overall objective of ensuring Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people can fully exercise their legal rights as Australian citizens, reduce negative contact with the justice system and improve their well-being. » Our evaluation found that Marram-Ngala Ganbu provides a more effective, culturally appropriate and equitable response, improving outcomes for Koori children and families. Implementation of the recommendations began shortly after the completion of the project. VALS intends to implement all of SVA Consulting`s recommendations as part of this project. Articulate the results VALS achieves for its clients, the community and the justice system and develop practical approaches to gather the necessary evidence for each of VALS` departments.