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« It`s important to think smart before you start, » said Lieutenant Martin Stone, MNR`s Off-Road Vehicle Administrator. « Winter temperature fluctuations, snowfall and snowmelt can lead to dangerous conditions on snowmobile trails. MADISON, Wis. – The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources is reminding snowmobilers that safety is an important part of the journey. Snowmobiles must be registered within 10 days of purchase. Wisconsin State Law 350.125 requires snowmobile dealers to submit the application for registration to the DNR within 5 days of the date of sale and provide the purchaser with a validated registration receipt (i.e. signed by the dealer). A $5 wire transfer fee is required to transfer the registration certificate of a snowmobile already registered in Wisconsin to a new licensee. Note: A snowmobile pass may also be required for use on public trails. You can update vehicle information online through your DNR customer account or notify the ministry by email. To update the information online, you must access your customer account under, select « My vehicles » and click on the « Update » button. To notify the ministry by email, send an email to, the message must contain the following information: whether the snowmobile was sold or scrapped; Your first and last name; Client identification number (if known); the registration number of the Wisconsin snowmobile (i.e.

SN-9999-ZZ); or other information that may assist the department in identifying the vehicle. The snowmobile will be removed from your list of registered active recreational vehicles. Drive smart from the start – take a snowmobile safety course! You do not need to carry a snowmobile safety certificate with you if: Complete the snowmobile registration application form (9400-210) and send the application with the appropriate fee to the address indicated on the form. If the stickers have expired, you will need to wait until you receive the documents in the mail before you can operate your snowmobile. You can take the snowmobile safety course online and get your snowmobile safety certificate today! Simply click the link below to get started. RENEWAL REGISTRATION SERVICES ONLY: MNR sales agents can renew the registration of a snowmobile already registered in your name. Commercial assistants provide a 21-day interim operating receipt that you can use to operate your snowmobile before receiving the registration stickers in the mail. If you need to register a snowmobile in your name, you must use the website, submit an application or visit an MNR service centre. You can also order Wisconsin snowmobile trail passes and non-residents from sales offices. Wisconsin is the birthplace of snowmobiling and continues to offer some of the best snowmobile opportunities you`re likely to find, especially in northern Wisconsin.

More than 200,000 registered snowmobiles travel Wisconsin`s 25,000 miles of groomed trails each winter, making safety an important part of the trip. « MNR does not monitor conditions and we encourage snowmobilers to contact local fishing clubs, snowmobile clubs or outfitters to inquire about ice conditions in their area. Remember that no ice cream is safe ice. Snowmobile registration stickers must be affixed to both sides of the snowmobile hood with their own sticker and must be clearly visible to law enforcement at all times. Two stickers are issued on each snowmobile. If necessary, the snowmobile pass must also be attached to the windshield of the snowmobile. The registration certificate must also be carried by the operator at all times and presented to law enforcement authorities upon request. You can legally use your snowmobile while carrying the temporary use receipt with you while waiting for your new stickers to arrive in the mail. Before you hit Wisconsin`s snowmobile trails, remember to follow all safety regulations and best practices to ensure a safe and enjoyable ride: MNR points of service can renew the registration of a snowmobile already registered in your name and register a snowmobile recently purchased in your name. MNR will provide you with a 21-day interim use receipt that you can use to operate your snowmobile before receiving the registration stickers in the mail. Registration services are also available for all-terrain vehicles (ATVs), off-road vehicles (UTVs), boats and off-road motorcycles.

You can also order replacement stickers, replacement registration cards, Wisconsin snowmobile trail passes and non-resident snowmobile passes from MNR.