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This trophy is very similar to the zoologist, as you have to perform two completely separate and unrelated actions. First you need to destroy the ring. Sure, it can and can happen during your time in this game, but if it doesn`t, consider loading a game onto the Detroit map and throwing objects at the turnbuckles until one of them breaks so you can pick it up. The second action required for this trophy will be performed on the map of Mexico (the third phase of the campaign). You will see that there is a very angry Ram patrolling outside the ring. Note that if their health is low enough, there will be no mini-game, your character will simply knock them out of the ring. If you have an opponent who has a 50% depleted red health bar (it should start flashing at this point), throw it on the ropes or, better yet, on the tensioner. When they hit the turnbuckle, you can press to start a mini-game in which you have to push them out of the ring. When they hit the ropes, they bounce off you or turn them outward where you can push to try to push them.

Complete both games to access the Power-Up reward at the end of this branch. Press to retrieve it, but there is no need to equip it or actually use it, the trophy must be unlocked at that time. The first thing to do is at the Florida Battlefield (Everglades), which is the second battlefield of the campaign after the New York section. On this stage, on both sides of the ring, there is an alligator in the audience who enjoys the game. Along the way, you should try to complete the various trophies, so take a look at them before you start. However, if you fail to complete them all, that`s fine, as we`ll be going back to phase three of this WWE 2K Battlegrounds Trophy Guide for a cleanup. This trophy requires you to finish a long Royal Rumble match against 20 opponents. There`s even another trophy that requires you to complete a Royal Rumble against 30 even more impressive opponents, so for the sake of simplicity, let`s focus on winning that trophy with the Invincible trophy of 30 opponents. To wrap up the final phase of our WWE 2K Battlegrounds Trophy Guide, it`s time to pick up various trophies that you may not have picked up on your way through the single-player campaign or your exhibition games. It`s very likely that you already have most, if not all, of them, but if you miss a few trophies at this point, read on. Now that you have a character to choose from in the character creator, select it with « View » and you will see several new options at the bottom of the screen. Press to open the Power-Ups menu and you will see all your Power-Ups listed.

However, for some reason, this ability is hidden in a part of the game that you wouldn`t need to visit otherwise. From the main menu, select Character Creator. Inside, if you haven`t already, create a character. You don`t need to customize it if you don`t want to, as long as you have a custom character. WWE 2K Battlegrounds is a bizarre and frustrating wrestling game where old and new WWE characters get into combat. It doesn`t have a platinum trophy, but since it`s a free PS Plus game for the month of July 2021 and it only takes about 5 hours, many are trying to add its trophies to their collection. Our WWE 2K Battlegrounds trophy guide is designed to help you do that in a convenient and fast way. I strongly advise you not to try to manage them all yourself. In a game that can be so frustrating, there`s no shame in leaving the ring or climbing the turnpike for a short break while you let the AI fight against each other. Often you can avoid conflict altogether and simply join the fight when their health is low enough to win easily. Whenever this power bar fills up, you can perform a signature gesture.

Press the & Together buttons when you are near an opponent to unleash a powerful attack specific to your wrestler. Reach the end of this 30-man Royal Rumble to receive this trophy. Will success guarantee you unlock someone else? also. The problem is that these taunts can`t be stopped, so you`re an open target for a few seconds while the mockery is active. To avoid this, you must use mockery whenever your opponents are knocked out (on the ground, stars above their heads). You also need to unlock and upgrade many healing powers that you can use for an upcoming challenge to complete the invincible trophy in phase two of this WWE 2K Battlegrounds trophy guide. There are a total of 9 opponents, of which up to 3 appear in the ring at the same time as you. To advance, you have to throw your opponents out of the ring. This eliminates them as opponents and makes room for one of the other wrestlers to join the match.

Announcements. Here`s my strategy for Royal Rumble matches; Let your opponents fight against each other as much as possible. If one of them targets you, try to distance themselves and guide them into the other fighters so they can be accidentally hit. Feel free to choose what you want. It depends on the characters you like and/or feel comfortable for a longer period of time. If you want a recommendation, The Undertaker is a very powerful character in the Men category that you should have access to. Advertising Wrestlemania is the last battlefield of the campaign and it includes 8 very difficult matches, including two Royal Rumbles, these Royal Rumbles are the most difficult matches in the game and will require a lot of patience, which is hard to find in this slow and unpleasant game. Keep this tip in mind when playing and use it as you see fit. Advertising This trophy looks like something you have to do one after the other, but it`s actually two separate actions in completely different rings. The first of these actions requires you to have a strong « brawler » character and a motorcycle. Sometimes you can move a motorcycle away from under the ring, but the best way to do that is to use the character « Billy Huggins ».

This will be your main character during the Florida part of the campaign. For future trophies in our WWE 2K Battlegrounds Trophy Guide, you`ll need to set up custom matches in exhibition mode. There are two exhibition options in the menu, « Exhibition Women » and « Exhibition Men » This trophy requires you to play in the « Gauntlet » game mode, where you face a number of opponents in a row to see if you can win. Go to « Men`s Exhibition » or « Women`s Exhibition » and select « Gauntlet ». Use Feel the Heal whenever it`s done (if you have it, it`s a powerup from Mexico) unless your health is already green. The second action required for this trophy is to pick up a turnbuckle. The tensioner is the padded pole in each corner of the ring that keeps the ropes tight. Of course, you can`t pick up a tensioner when it`s attached to the ring.

Improving your power-ups is something you`ll find extremely useful as you progress through the game, especially if you`re trying to defeat 30 opponents in a row for Invincible. The ones I recommend are Invincible, Prompt Recovery, and Feel the Heal (assuming you found them all on the campaign map).